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Pink Cloud to the Violet Hour 

I've recently been researching the history of the wellness industry, particularly focusing on the rise of alternative cures that came at the turn of the century as a response against the chemical concoctions preferred by mainstream medicine in the Industrial era. Experimental retreats and sanatoriums cropped up throughout Europe and North America, attracting upper-class guests who wanted to try out the latest medical fads. These centres came with hefty price tags, and the treatments they provided ranged from truly beneficial, to ineffective, harmful, or even deadly.

Here is a series of moments from a day at the beach for an imagined aristocratic woman who had been enticed by similar cures. Aspects of this hobbyism have bled into her everyday life, both its appealing side and the now obvious dangers embedded into an otherwise mundane day.

'Pink Cloud to the Violet Hour', 35 x 140 cm, oils on canvas

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